Monday, January 18, 2010

Jets Soar; Ravens Crash to the Ground!

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about how I was thinking of changing my fan devotion from the Ravens to the Jets because, while both teams had roughly the same record, the Jets showed far more fight and passion than the Ravens. Based on the outcome of this weekend's divisional playoff games, I think my first instinct was correct.

The Ravens have suffered from inconsistency all season, and that inconsistency showed itself in the game against the Indianapolis Colts. You just never know which Ravens team is going to show up from week to week: the feisty, dominating team or the lackluster, penalty-prone team. Unfortunately, the latter was the team that played Payton Manning. The Jets, on the other hand, played with guts and gusto against the overrated San Diego Chargers and moved on to the conference championship. Now, it's quite possible that the Ravens could have beaten the Chargers as well and that the Colts will make the Jets look just as bad as they made the Ravens look last Saturday. However, I'm sure Payton Manning is not looking forward to another pounding defense two weeks in a row, and the Jets might just have enough bravado and fight left to knock the Colts out of the Super Bowl. I can only hope Rex Ryan and the Jets can do to Indianapolis what the sad Ravens could not.

J-E-T-S! Jets, Jets, Jets!!!!!!